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Patient area


May we welcome you to this Tulsa chiropractor‘s office. You are to be commended for reaching out and venturing into a profession that may be unfamiliar to you.You may have been to some of the largest and most famous health institutions in our land. You may have spent large sums of money on various and often painful tests. As a result, you may have learned the name that doctors have given to your problem, but the CAUSE of this problem may not yet have been found.


“What can this doctor do for me?” is the question uppermost in your mind. The reception room of the Doctor of Chiropractic seems to be quite similar to the offices of other doctors. There is a pleasant receptionist, an attractive room with professional type furniture; but there is a different approach to illness in the chiropractor’s office. The Doctor of Chiropractic will use instruments for analysis that are familiar to you, and some different from those you have encountered before. You will be asked questions about falls and injuries that you may not have considered important. You will notice that the chiropractor is interested in every detail of your history, and will always take time to give complete attention to your problem. The Doctor of Chiropractic knows that even though two patients may have the same disorder, they will not necessarily progress in the same manner. Each patient is an individual who must be studied and analyzed as such.